Christmas recipe- Shepherd's pie for dogs!

French bulldog puppy sitting amongst Christmas presents

The holiday season is a time to share and spend time with your loved ones, and when it comes to sharing, food is the ultimate gift!

However, a lot of our traditional holiday foods are not safe for dogs to eat: gingerbread biscuits contain nutmeg which is toxic to dogs while mince pies are a big no-no as the ingestion of grapes & currents can cause severe kidney failure.

BUT- Be merry! Be bright! We've got you covered with a traditional recipe that your dog will devour before Santa has time to put one foot in the chimney: a Shepherd's pie!

This Shepherd's pie is safe for dogs to eat and easy to portion and freeze so your dog can enjoy holiday left-overs til January... just like you do!

Download your Christmas Shepherd's pie recipe card and let us know in the comment if your dog likes it!

Happy How-lidays!


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