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About us

Welcome to Doggy Grub! Adelaide’s premium dog food for caring pooch parents and dogs with great taste!

Like every fur parent, we like to spoil our dog! And when we rescued Betty, we wanted to give her a second take on life. One that would include lots of pats, cuddles, walks and yummy food!

While we had plenty of cuddles in store, when we looked into dog food options, we hit a wall:

Whatever brand or flavour, dry food all looked the same with no way of knowing what's really in it!

We were also shocked when we realised, there were no regulations in the pet food industry, simply guidelines whose compliance is “encouraged” but not checked.

It is a very lucrative business, where the well-known and trusted brands are owned by big corporations who sadly, don’t necessarily have our pet’s well being in the forefront of their minds, hence the many recalls and fatal accidents.

Feeding on this highly processed food pumped with additives was simply not an option for us!

We wanted fresh food, with ingredients we could recognise! 

So we did the only thing we could do: we started cooking home meals for Betty.

The results were mind-blowing!

We knew time-poor owners & cute doggies could benefit from fresh food (let’s be honest, wouldn’t you rather spend more time cuddling your dog than cooking?)

We discovered that a lot of pet owners struggled with problems such as:

All of which could be solved with fresh food!

After extensive research on pet nutrition, advice from holistic vets and most importantly- dogs, we developed a formula that follows balanced and healthy guidelines, with no fillers, no by-products and no preservatives!

Only 100% fresh and human-grade ingredients!

Our food is prepared in a human food regulated facility and conveniently delivered to your door; it’s nutritious and delicious with ready-made meals for your furry friend and it’s formulated according to your dog’s needs so you can be sure you’re not over or underfeeding!

Give your dog the chance of a long & happy life and get your grub on!

Love and pats,

Lachlan, Candice & Betty 

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