About us

Welcome to Doggy Grub everypawdy!

Adelaide’s premium freshly made dog food for caring pooch parents and dogs with great taste.

It’s conveniently delivered to your door; it’s nutritious and delicious with ready-made meals for your furry friend and it’s formulated according to your dogs needs.

Run by Lachlan, Candice and their four-legged friend Betty, Doggy Grub started with an overweight rescue dog (Betty), a frustration with standard ‘industrial’ pet food (all those synthetic additives and fillers!) a plan to curb the weight via nutritious home made dog food and a massive and successful transformation, witnessing the amazing effects of a good diet.

That’s right. Doggy Grub is revolutionising dog food, one bowl at a time with its 100% fresh and human-grade ingredients, sourced in SA. Our formula follows a balanced and healthy guideline, which means no fillers, no by-products and no preservatives!

Doggy Grub is backed by extensive research on pet nutrition, advice from holistic vets and most importantly – dogs!

Just ask Betty, who is now full of energy, sports a shiny coat and bright eyes, thanks to the wholesome and nutritious ingredients in our meals.

Get your dog on Doggy Grub too! Because a man’s best friend (and family member!) is a dog… who deserves some good grub!

Love and pats,

Lachlan, Candice & Betty



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