Doggy Grub

How we cook

You're here because you care about what goes into your dog's bowl!

So do we!

Here is our cooking process laid-out plain and simply:

1. We get our human-grade meat and fresh produce from SA and Australian farms.

2. Back to our regulated commercial kitchen where we begin prepping.

3. We keep some veggies raw to add a variety of texture and stimulation for your dog. The rest is cooked at low temperature to preserve nutrients.

4. We cook our meat to limit risk associated with raw meat handling and for pooches with sensitive tummies.

5. We add our natural grub boost powder for a boost of vitamins and minerals. It has been formulated using several natural supplements, such a chia seed, linseed, turmeric, spirulina and wheatgrass among others, that will provide your dog with additional health benefits.

6. So what is left to do? We portion out your dog's new grub to their exact needs into air-tight pouches. They're flat packed and super easy to store in the fridge/freezer.

7. It's ready to be delivered straight to your door along with guidelines on how to transition for your first week if you are a new customer!

We aim to be super transparent and here to answer any questions you may have about our process.

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