About Us

Say hello to Candice & Lachlan, a passionate duo on a mission to shake up how we feed our pets, one bowl at a time!

We're the duo behind Doggy Grug: husband and wife team, Candice & Lachlan!

Our lives took an unexpected turn when we laid eyes on our furry hero, Betty, on the RSPCA website, and decided to adopt her. Little did we know, we were in for a surprise of epic proportions when we finally met her at the shelter.

There stood Betty, a hefty 40kg bundle of joy, resembling a walking wine barrel more than a typical pooch! As much as we adore a good glass of vino, we weren't quite prepared to leash-walk a living barrel down the street!

But hey, we're not the kind to back down from a challenge! So, armed with determination, we embarked on Betty's transformation journey. Yet, as we delved into the realm of commercial dog food, we hit a roadblock. Every bag looked the same, leaving us clueless about what actually went into our dog's meals.

That's when it dawned on us—why not feed Betty the way we feed ourselves? With wholesome, fresh ingredients bursting with flavour and nutrients!

Thus began Betty's gourmet adventure, and boy, were the results astonishing! With each home-cooked meal, Betty shed the extra pounds, her coat turned into a glossy masterpiece, her skin and breath stopped smelling bad, itching disapeared, and her bathroom breaks became a model of consistency- we're talking perfect #2s.

Energized, happy, and thriving—Betty was a transformed dog!

We couldn't keep this miracle to ourselves! In 2016, Doggy Grub came to life, fueled by Betty's journey and our passion for revolutionising dog nutrition, one bowl at a time.

Collaborating with vets and pet nutritionists, we concocted a formula fit for royalty—using only the finest human-grade ingredients, sans preservatives or artificial additives. Real food that not only tantalizes taste buds but also leaves your pup feeling like a million bones!

Though Betty has now crossed the rainbow bridge, her legacy lives on in every grubster's wagging tail across Australia.

Take it from us, once you grab the reins of your dog's diet, there's simply no turning back!

So, why settle for mediocre when your dog deserves divine dining?