The Doggy Grub subscription

With our set-and-forget option, you'll never have to worry about running out of dog food again. We've got your back!
We'll make sure a box of fresh, delicious food arrives right at your doorstep every 28 or 42 days. But here's the best part - you're in control! You can choose a delivery schedule that suits you and your doggie's appetite, and hey, if things change, no worries! You can easily change it whenever you need to - we're flexible like that.
Plus, you can skip deliveries, cancel, or even take a hiatus and come back whenever you want - no hard feelings.
Oh, and did we mention the perks? By subscribing you get exclusive member's benefits. 

Save 10% on all orders!

Early access to new products!

 Special member discounts!

 Easy cancellation policy: cancel anytime at the click of a button!

 We send you an email 3 days prior to your account being charged, giving you plenty of time to skip or reschedule your delivery.

 Only pay when your order is about to ship!

So, why wait? Join the Doggy Grub Subscription today and make dinnertime the highlight of your dog's day!

How to subscribe:

When you buy your dog's meals, select Subscribe & Save                 

Choose your recommended delivery frequency. If this delivery schedule doesn't suit you and your dog, you can change it easily via your membership portal, after your first delivery.
Choose your casserole flavour and quantity, and add to cart!

While your wait for your first order, keep an eye on your email for your member log in information and get familiar with your portal.


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Subscription FAQs

How do I start a subscription?

It's very simple! For any product you choose, select "“Subscribe & Save” (instead of “One-Time Purchase”). You will then be prompted to choose your quantity (14 or 28 casseroles), and your delivery frequency (initially set to every 14, 28 or 42 days, depending on the product, but you can change this to any cadence you'd like after your first order). Add to cart and go through checkout. 

Now you just have to sit back and relax! We'll take care of your first order and make sure your dog's food continues to arrive according to your preferred schedule.

What if I want to change flavour?

You can make changes to your subscription (flavour, quantities, delivery schedule) anytime, by login in to your member portal or emailing us

We send you a reminder email three days before your account is charged. In this email, you can make changes to your upcoming delivery with the click of a button.

Be sure to make changes prior to your account being charged. Once you have been charged, your order is ready to ship and no changes can be made.

When do I get charged?

You will get charged on the same day of the week as your first order.

You will not get charged until your order is ready to ship.

I'm out of town, can I skip or cancel a delivery?

Absolutely! You can skip, pause or change the date of delivery to one that suits you best, on your member portal.

Remember, we can also redirect your delivery to your holiday address if needed! 

All changes will have to be done prior to your account being charged.

Can I add one-time product to my upcoming delivery?

Of course you can! Simply log into your member area and click "Add product" button. You can select any of the products available on our website.

You will also have the opportunity to add treats or other products to your upcoming delivery, by the click of a button, in the email we send you three days prior to your order being packed.