Doggy Grub is made in South Australia. Our ingredients and handling methods are human grade, cooked in small batches and packaged in a human grade facility, following the same guidelines, testing and validation as human food.

Doggy Grub is a small, family owned company committed to changing the way we feed our dogs, one bowl at a time, while supporting local farmers. 95% of our ingredients are sourced in Australia. We believe in supporting non-intensive farming, that is why we select meat whose farming has a low impact on the environment such as kangaroo (free-range), carp fish and chicken.

Our logistic warehouse is in South Australia and orders are distributed Australia wide, daily.

All of Doggy Grub meals are Complete & Balanced, meeting the required nutritional levels established by AAFCO for adult maintenance or growth.

The meals are safe to feed to puppies but we recommend using them as a partial diet, mixing with puppy kibbles or other foods, until your pet has reached 12months of age. After that, you can feed Doggy Grub as a full diet if you wish.

Doggy Grub meals contain NO artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives and NO fillers. Our meals consist only of whole meat, and all our ingredients are human grade.

There are no hidden ingredients, only what you see listed on the ingredient list.

Dogs need time to adapt to new food. We recommend introducing Doggy Grub to your dog’s diet slowly and in increasing amounts over a period of 8 days. This will prevent tummy upset.

The trick is to mix the new food with your dog’s old food.

For a full diet with Doggy Grub:

Days1-3: 25% Doggy Grub, 75% other food.

Days 4-6: 50% Doggy Grub, 50% other food.

Days 7-8: 75% Doggy Grub, 25% other food.

Day 9: 100% Doggy Grub.

Dogs with sensitive stomachs may need a longer transition period.

For a meal topper with Doggy Grub, transition over 3-4 days.

Days 1-2: 25% of Doggy Grub, 75% other food.

Days 3-4: 50% of the new food, 50% other food.

Your dog’s stools will naturally change, but if your dog starts experiencing diarrhea or vomiting, go back a step to when the issue was not occurring and rest there an extra day before moving up.

We genuinely love all dogs and we believe a wholefood diet is the best approach for your pets. We continue to see amazing health transformation in dogs being fed fresh food.

All our meals are developed alongside vets and pet nutritionists and cooked with human grade meat, veggies and a natural boost powder that will ensure your dog is getting all the nutrients and vitamins needed.

Doggy Grub meals contain NO artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives and NO fillers. Only ingredients you know and can recognize! You will see (and smell!) the difference in the quality of our meals as soon as you open a pack.

We have a fantastic success rate amongst the pickiest of eaters, who always polish clean their Doggy Grub bowl. That’s because fresh food smells and tastes amazing and ultimately makes your dog feel so much better: better number 2s, more energy, healthier coat and shiny eyes.

Pet food is essentially unregulated and standards are pretty low when it comes to commercial dog food. That is why we insist on cooking your dog’s meals with the same standards as human grade food. After all, dogs are man’s best friend so why should they be treated any differently?

Ultimately, pet healthcare decisions should be based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified holistic pet healthcare professional.

The information we provide on this website is not intended as medical advice and we're simply sharing what we believe is the best based on our knowledge, research and experience on the dogs we have fed.

Doggy Grub uses a cleaver packaging technology that enables you to store your casseroles at ambient temperatures while keeping the food fresh and moist.

Simply store in a cupboard or pantry, under 35°C and away from direct sunlight. Refrigerate once opened and consume within 3 days.

If you're not home for delivery, it will be left at your shipping address. Our meals can remain at ambient temperature and will be left in the shade when possible.

Doggy Grub is not responsible for packages once they have been scanned and delivered.

No objective scientific evidence has yet demonstrated that feeding grain free, natural, holistic, organic, or raw diets to otherwise healthy pets, when compared to conventional diets, leads to a better outcome for the pet. However, some results speak for themselves. We have chosen this type of diet based on the incredible results in health and vitality we have observed, first hand, on various dogs and our own.

We do hope there will soon be scientific evidence that can support these results but until then, it is the responsibility of the owner to do their own research and see what works best for their dog.

The Doggy Grub casseroles are already cooked and ready-to-eat giving you many options! It can be fed as a meal on its own or as a meal topper added to kibbles.

It can also be served as an occasional treat to a good boy or good girl!

Grinkles add a boost of health and flavour to your dog’s meals.

Grinkles can be added to any foods, not just Doggy Grub casseroles. Simply sprinkle on top of your wet food or mix in a bit of water or coconut oil when feeding dry food.

Grub sprinkles should be kept in a cupboard, away from direct sunlight.

Portion size depend on your dog’s breed, age and activity levels. We provide a feeding table on our product page so you can get a guide on how much to feed.

If you’d like additional help, we’re more than happy to discuss it with you! Contact our friendly team at contact@doggygrub.com.au

All orders placed Monday – Friday will be dispatched the following business day. Once your order is shipped, we estimate you will receive your order within 1-2 days if you live in SA and 3-6 days if you live interstate.

Please be patient as our delivery partners are experiencing delays due to covid.

If you are on a meal subscription, you will always receive your next order before your dog runs out of food.

We are using different delivery partners across Australia and they might be experiencing delays due to Covid19.

National holidays will also create a delay in your delivery.

To check the status of your order, use the tracking info sent to you by email.

If you feel like your parcel should have arrived by now, please contact us contact@doggygrub.com.au

Your pouches can be recycled via the REDcycle program. You do not need to wash them, simply make sure they are dry and as empty of food as possible. Drop into your nearest REDcycle collection bin (Woolworth or Coles).

Our delivery boxes are recyclable in your yellow bin or you can cut our a door and make a dog playhouse out of it ;)

Our Droolz treats packaging (pouch & labels) are 100% home compostable.

You don't need to be on a subscription to enjoy Doggy Grub but you get 10% off when you join the grub club!

Our subscription is super flexible, meaning you can pause, edit, skip a delivery and cancel anytime! No hidden clause!

As a grub member, you get first dibs on new product launch and promotions. You have your own customer portal where you can choose your delivery schedule: your original schedule will offer every 14 or 28 days but you can customise it and pick what works for your dog and your lifestyle.

You receive an email 3 days before your card is charged so there is no surprises.

All in all, being on a Doggy Grub subscription is only added bonus!

You will be billed every 14 days for fortnightly orders and every 28 days for monthly orders, from your initial order date. We send you an email notice 3 days before you are billed.

Please note we do not schedule billing and delivery based on a calendar month. Ie if you order on the 3rd of the month (monthly delivery), you will get your delivery 28 days later, not the 3rd of every month.

You can change your personal details, skip a delivery or cancel your dog’s meal delivery service anytime.

Simply log into your account (found in the top right corner of our homepage), from there you can manage your personal details, delivery schedule,
add products,

Make sure changes are made before you get billed. You will receive a billing reminder three days prior. Once your card is charged, our team fulfils your order immediately and we cannot make any further changes.

Technology can be tricky!
While you do have a subscription, your account most likely was never set up. When you placed your first order you received an invite to create an account. The email collection for the order is separate from creating an account. Since your account was never verified that is why you are getting an error message. Please look in your inbox or reach out to our team contact@doggygrub.com.au and we can resend the invite to set up your account so that you can access it.