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Testimonials of pet parents upgrading their dogs' meals by rethinking what goes into their bowls!


"Walter has a very sensitive stomach and cannot tolerate wheat, grains and highly processed food.

We tried a sample pack of Doggy Grub and he was eager to eat, gobble it up!"



"It didn't matter how her food was jazzed up, she just didn't want to eat! The frustration was real! In comes Doggy Grub and she eats it with no hesitation!"


Tobi & Peanut

"We’ve been using Doggy Grub for nearly two years now with this being the longest period that Peanut has
maintained a liking for a particular type of food."


Meet Archie

Brand new puppy parents

Melissa & Ruby

"My puppy can be a very fussy eater and was bored with her food. She also had bad flatulence. After we switched to Doggy Grub, the problem disappeared!"

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"Peanut was always so-so about eating. He ate because he had to, not because he wanted to.

Now he lines up for his food and licks the bowl clean! He's actually excited about food and I love it!"

Kim H.

"My dog Ted is not only a fussy eater but also has a sensitive tummy. We've tried products from other brands which all made him sick, but not Doggy Grub!

It makes me so happy to see Ted get excited for his food!

Katrina H.

"Bentley was having an upset tummy a lot of the time and his poos were runny.

Within the first few days on Doggy Grub, his problems disapeared!"

Daniela T.

Sarah & Heidi

"Heidi was exceptionally fussy, but since Doggy Grub, she hasn't missed a meal!"

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Meet Tommy

The rescue pup


"I was looking for natural & home made dog food.

Doggy Grub provides a far more convenient solution and with better nutrition than if I was cooking for Rubi."



"I had issues finding good quality and healthy food for my dog.

Being part of the Doggy Grub family has been the best decision I have made for Benji."



"He had stopped eating his dry food and looked disinterested in eating. As soon as we gave him Doggy Grub, we had to switch to a slow feeder because he was inhaling it!"


Meet Lulu
& Frankie

Picky pups with sensitive skin

Sinja & Wilbur

"Wilbur has a sensitive stomach and we were struggling to get him to eat enough food. Wilbur thrived on Doggy Grub once he ate it regularly."

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"I love everything about Doggy Grub: the way it’s cooked, the way it’s stored, the convenience of the pouch/packaging, the affordability, the values. The team is clearly passionate and invested in the product!"



"Most companies say their food is awesome but when I was going through the ingredients I was always coming up with loads of fillers. Doggy Grub is free from any of the nasties that Sadie is sensitive to!"



"We've been using the kangaroo Doggy Grub for Arlie's tablets, morning and night, for a couple of years now - and he has not once got sick of it and eagerly lines up for it! It's been a saviour for our routine!"