Ruby the Labradoodle | Success Story with Doggy Grub

"My puppy Ruby had an odour and bad flatulence.
It was frustrating as I knew labradoodles generally aren’t smelly dogs.
The flatulence was sometimes so bad that we couldn’t be in the same room as her! It was frustrating as I tried other foods and the problem didn’t go away.
And it was clearly due to the food (she was initially on a combination of wet/dry food - then just dried food) because after we switched to Doggy Grub this problem disappeared.

The other problem was that she can be a very fussy eater and was bored with her food and sometimes skipped her meals.
I wanted a healthy topper to combine with her dried food and make it more appetizing. Doggy Grub certainly helped with this.

I chose Doggy Grub because it is healthy human grade food, with high quality ingredients, no fillers, and I like the fact you can store it in the pantry - another similar brand requires pouches to be stored in the freezer before use, which I would find very frustrating!
I can read the list of ingredients and know exactly what is in the food. The food itself smells nice, not like some other dog food, and you can see how nutritious it is just by looking at it, full of veggies, just like a casserole for dogs.

After being on Doggy Grub for a few of weeks, Ruby was no longer smelly and the flatulence disappeared. Her stools also improved, they were more solid and healthy.

Life is a lot better now that this problem is solved! Ruby always eats her food, she is healthy with a shiny coat, she can sleep in the lounge whilst we watch TV and we don’t need to hold our noses anymore !"

Melissa S.

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