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Doggy Grub is the only food Ruby eats without hesitation and scoffs within minutes. She licks her bowl clean until it sparkles!


Walter finally looks forward to his meals and no longer has stomach upsets!


Heidi gets really fussy with food! Luckily, she doesn't get sick of Doggy Grub! She'll eat it over and over!


Since eating Doggy Grub, I really noticed how glossy Max's coat has become. He also has so much more energy!


We are so glad we found Doggy Grub! Minnie absolutely loves it, licks the plate clean! A packet lasts about 3 meals, so it’s excellent value, and it agrees well with her digestive system.


The Doggy Grub meals have made busy weeks so much easier. Our puppy Luna loves them. They are also super convenient to give to the dog sitter when we're away!


I am extremely happy to have made the switch to Doggy Grub - it is such a bonus to be able to store the food in the pantry, and it suits Sadie's tummy!


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Absolutely! Doggy Grub is like the superhero of doggy meals—it's complete and balanced, meeting all the nutritional levels set by AAFCO for adult dogs, whether they're chilling in maintenance mode or going through a growth spurt.

For the little fluffballs, our meals are safe to chow down on, but we suggest mixing them with puppy kibbles or other goodies until your pup hits the grand age of 12 months. It's like giving them a taste of the grown-up doggy life in stages.

Once they're officially a year older and wiser, feel free to let them feast on Doggy Grub as their main course.

Absolutely not! Our Doggy Grub meals are like a VIP party for your pup's taste buds – no invites for artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

We skip the fillers and roll with whole meat (no mystery meat meal here), and all our ingredients are human-grade, because your dog deserves the good stuff too.

Think of our ingredient list like a tell-all autobiography – no hidden plot twists, just the good, honest details. What you see is what your dog gets!

Transitioning your dog to Doggy Grub is a gradual process to prevent digestive issues. Follow this guideline over an 8-day period:

Days 1-3: Incorporate 25% Doggy Grub and 75% of your dog's current food.

Days 4-6: Adjust to a 50-50 ratio of Doggy Grub and your dog's existing food.

Days 7-8: Shift to 75% Doggy Grub and 25% of the previous food.

By Day 9, your dog should be comfortably on a 100% Doggy Grub diet.

For dogs with sensitive stomachs, consider extending the transition period.

If you're introducing Doggy Grub as a meal topper, or a half-diet, follow this 3-4 day plan:

Days 1-2: Begin with 25% Doggy Grub and 75% of your dog's usual food.

Days 3-4: Transition to a 50-50 mix of Doggy Grub and your dog's existing food.

Monitor your dog's stool changes during this process. If diarrhea or vomiting occurs, revert to the previous step, wait an extra day, and then keep on trucking!

Portions size depends on your dog's breed, age, and how much they're into zoomies or chillaxing.

But don't fret! We've got a nifty feeding guide waiting for you on our product page.

If you're still feeling a bit puzzled reach out to our awesome team at We're here to chat and make sure your dog's dining experience is top-notch!

So, at Doggy Grub, we make sure to source all our ingredients fresh from the farm. Once we've got everything, we pack them raw into the pouches and seal them up tight.

Then comes the magic touch – we steam-cook the whole pouch from the outside. Steam cooking is super gentle, preserving all the natural goodness like moisture, vitamins, and minerals from the fresh produce we use. This locks in the freshness, flavour, and nutrients, keeping your furry friend happy and healthy!

One great thing about Doggy Grub meals is that you don't have to clear out space in your freezer; you can just stash them in a cool, dry spot, like your pantry. Plus, they take up way less room than traditional meals, making them super easy to stack and store.

Our meals stay tasty for up to 18 months when stored in your cupboard. Unlike some other products that rely on preservatives or additives, which can mess with the nutritional goodness of the food, we've developed clever packaging and cooking methods to keep our meals shelf-stable without compromising on quality.