The OG- All rounder Grub Boost
The OG- All rounder Grub Boost
The OG- All rounder Grub Boost

The OG- All rounder Grub Boost

The OG- All rounder Grub Boost

Healthy-living just got easier with Grinkles The OG!

If you’re looking for a daily boost, our yummy blend helps your pup get all the necessary nutrients for their daily grind with carefully selected organic superfoods.

Just sprinkle on their food to maintain a strong immune system, healthier gut, skin & coat and strong joints - no hassle, no mess!

Give your good boys & girls the daily nourishment they deserve!

Suitable for all life stages. 100% vegan

Scroll down to see the benefits of each ingredients + recommended dosage.

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      Linseeds, Chia seeds*, Lecithin granules, wheatgrass*, Ascophyllum Nodosum (seaweed), Spirulina*, Arrowroot, sesame seeds, turmeric*.

      Ingredients marked with * are organic

      Sprinkle on or mix in your dog's food. Can be mixed in lukewarm water, with a knob of coconut oil, a mashed banana or used in DIY treats.

      For best results, use daily:

      Small-Medium dogs: 1/2 teaspoon

      Large dogs: 1 teaspoon

      Suitable for all life stages.

      Please note: Dosage is dependent upon the tolerance of the individual dog.

      Store in a cool, dark place. Fed daily, will last a medium dog 30days.

      Net weight 120g
      Human grade ingredients
      No preservatives, chemicals or artificial nasties
      Handmade in Australia with human food standards.

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      Ralph T.G.T.C.
      Absolutely love this product!

      We are so impressed with The Og Grinkle! Ralph (cat) loves when we include it in his meals and we are so glad that we can boost his health just with adding this into his food!

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