Pantry-Friendly Dog Meals

No need to keep us in the freezer!
See how it works!

One great thing about Doggy Grub meals is that you don't have to clear out space in your freezer; you can just keep them in a cool, dry spot, like your pantry.
Plus, they take up way less room than traditional meals, making them super easy to stack and store.

But how is it possible with fresh food?

Unlike some other products that rely on preservatives or additives, which can mess with the nutritional goodness of the food, our meals are shelf-stable without compromising on quality.

Here's how it works:

We make sure to source all our ingredients fresh from farmers. Once we've got everything, we pack them raw into the pouches and seal them up tight.

Then comes the magic touch: we steam-cook the whole pouch from the outside. Steam cooking is super gentle, preserving all the natural goodness like moisture, vitamins, and minerals from the fresh produce we use. This locks in the freshness, flavour, and nutrients, keeping your pet happy and healthy!

This also means we don't need to use any artificial preservatives because our meals are completely sterile. If you're a food-manufacturing aficionado, this process is called retort.

Our meals stay fresh & tasty, and will only need to be placed in the fridge once opened, and if you have any leftovers.