How To Feed Doggy Grub

Not sure how you can use your Doggy Grub casseroles? We're giving you some ideas!

You've received your box of Doggy Grub casseroles and want to get started as soon as possible!
Our pantry-friendly casseroles are very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways.

Option 1

Full Diet

100% Doggy Grub. Our meals are complete & balanced and can be fed as a sole diet.
Option 2

Half Diet

50/50 with other foods to add nutrition & flavour.
Option 3

Mix it

Add a few tablespoons to what your dog is currently eating, to make kibble more enticing and offer variety.
Option 4


Spread on a Lickimat, food puzzle or Kong stuffer to keep your dog happy and entertained for a long time!
Option 5

Take on adventure

Easy to tear, ready-to-eat, and no need for refrigeration, it's your perfect companion on a hike or a camping trip.