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Meal toppers for medium dogs

Convenient and healthy!

Start seeing the benefits of fresh food! Renewed energy, healthy number 2s, fresh breath and shiny coats all comes from a daily dose of Doggy Grub.

Treat your pup and add a little flavour to their everyday meals or use as a full meal.
Simply tear open a pack and pour into your dog’s bowl- it’s human grade and ready-to-eat!

New to Doggy Grub or fresh, home-cooked food? We suggest trying our sample pack first.

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Carol M.
Miss B's point of view!! :)

Since I started sampling the wares of the wonderful people at Doggy Grub I have started to sing for my supper, have an even more superb coat that I already had and my tummy doesn't get so sore anymore!!!
I have no favourite between the 2 current choices and I have even managed to become the proud owner of a Licki mat, enrichment squares and a snuffle mat too!!
Life is sooooooo great and my hooomans love to see me happy and having fun.
So it's a huge thank you to the Doggy Grub peeps for all thier hard work that goes into the tasty, yummy, enegry giving food!!
PS - If you are looking for some extra treatos I recommend any of their current stock, oh and the Grinkles too!! :)
Licks and kisses,

Miss B XXX

Luke H.
One happy Whippet

We're long-time Doggy Grub customers and obviously very happy with the main product. The new recipe and packaging has been a big bonus when it comes to trips away with the doggo. The one minor issue is the clip provided to seal open packets is barely adequate for the large packets and is quite difficult to close. We've gone down to medium packets now so this shouldn't be a problem for us in future.

Thank you for your review and support over all these years! We're happy to hear the packs are coming so handy for you on trips.
You're right, the sealing clip is designed to fit the small 150g pouch perfectly. For the medium and large sizes, we've found that the best way is to dog ear (pardon the pun) each corner inwards. The clip will still seal over a double fold. Hope that helps :)

Nathan C.

Pups absolutely love it! It’s so great to see them so excited for dinner! Do yourself a favor and get grinkles!!!

Kim H.
My Doggo has a new love for food

Peanut was always so-so about eating, he ate because he had to not because he wanted to. Now he lines up for his food and licks the bowl clean. He is actually excited about food now. I love it.

Abbey M.
Happiness on a plate!

Our doggo, Archie, has been eating Doggy Grub meal toppers for almost 5 years now, and he still gets just as excited as the very first time he tasted it! He's maintained a perfect weight, healthy coat and teeth, and just happy as ever!
Highly recommend!



We have selected high quality proteins, like chicken and kangaroo, paired with nutrient rich vegetables, to give your dog the vitamins and minerals they need.

Cooked in small batches with 100% human grade ingredients.

No by-products! No artificial colours & flavours! No preservatives!

Chicken casserole: chicken, carrots, spinach, red lentils, chicken hearts, chicken liver, coconut oil, blueberries, eggshell powder, sesame seeds, spirulina, dulce flakes, wheatgrass, cod liver oil, parsley.

Kangaroo casserole: Kangaroo mince, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, red lentils, kangaroo liver (dry), oats, peas, coconut oil, blueberries, eggshell powder, kangaroo bone (dry), dulce flakes, cod liver oil, parsley, wheatgrass.

Doggy Grub is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO for maintenance of adult dogs.

The good stuff

Chicken: An all-time favourite and a highly digestible protein.

Kangaroo: Very lean meat, high in protein, suitable for dogs on a diet or prone to food allergies.

Spinach: Packed with iron, enhancing the circulation of blood in your dog’s body. Rich in dietary fibres.

Carrots & sweet potatoes: Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A and beta carotene, these veggies help with your dog’s vision and decrease the risk of heart disease.

Red lentils: a healthy source of protein and ideal cholesterol-lowering fibres.

Eggshell powder & roo bone meal: a powerhouse of protein and calcium, these natural supplement powders support your dog’s growth and bone health.


Our meals support all stages of life, from puppies to seniors.












Net Carb




Calories per kg













Net Carb



Calories per kg


Serving guideline

Upon receiving your order, keep your casseroles in a cool, dark place. There is no need for refrigeration, our meals are made fresh and kept fresh using an innovative technology and clever packaging that does not require the addition of preservatives or other nasties.

Knead the pack before use to combine content. Serve directly from the pouch, no need to cook.

Refrigerate any unused portion. Enjoy within 3 days of opening.

Use our casseroles as a topper to dry food, as a full meal or as a treat.

See the different ways you can use your Doggy Grub casseroles