Rubi the Mini Dach | Success Story With Doggy Grub

"Rubi is our first dog. I was looking for natural and home made dog food as I thought that dogs should be fed like any other family member.

I was cooking Rubi’s food and combining with commercial kibble until I discovered Doggy Grub which provided a far more convenient solution with better nutrition.
On Day 1, I opened a pack and I couldn't believe it smelt like real food!

I loved that Doggy Grub was well researched and it ticked all the boxes with the use of natural human grade ingredients.
I'm a great supporter of local businesses, run by hard working people, who genuinely care about its customers, and offering a very convenient solution which has been thoroughly researched.

Now I have a healthy, happy dog. It isn’t hard to maintain her weight and the only time we have tummy trouble is when Rubi, whose nose is too close to the ground, eats something she shouldn’t.

The vet always says how healthy Rubi is and how beautiful her coat is!"

Denise T.

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