Benji the Lab | Success Story with Doggy Grub

"Benji is my chocolate Labrador. I had issues with locating good quality and healthy food for him. I was frustrated that I couldn't find food that was healthy and didn't include those unknown fillers that most dog foods have. I was also looking for a meal plan for Benji, being a Labrador who is food obsessed I wanted an option that would monitor his weight and most importantly that was portion controlled.
I was frustrated that I couldn't get his portion rights with the other food I was giving him.

When I first saw Doggy Grub being promoted at Benji's daycare, I knew that it was exactly what I'd been looking for.
First and foremost it is the freshness of it, and the ease of feeding it to Benji- yes my dog will eat anything, but there was peace of mind that this product was homemade (as if I made it myself), and it was portion controlled, so I knew I was not over feeding or under feeding my dog.
I also loved that food can be enjoyed in his Kong, so he is not rushing his meal.

And then I took him to the vet for his yearly check up and he had lost 3 kilos, and was deemed a healthy weight. He received a clean bill of health not only from a weight perspective, but to the great condition of his teeth to his shiny coat.

Being part of the Doggy Grub family has been the best decision I have made for Benji.
I have a healthy and happy dog, who loves his monthly Doggy Grub deliveries."

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