Sadie | Success Story with Doggy Grub

"Sadie has an extremely sensitive tummy and almost every other food I have tried has given her diarrhea so the struggle to find something that suited her tummy was enormous.

The breeder I bought Sadie off recommended Lyka dog food (she was already eating it) and so I just kept her on that diet. I found she reacted to the Chicken, Turkey, Beef and the Fish recipes and she was only having no reaction on the lamb and kangaroo which was fine - she loved both recipes.

Around the middle of last year, Lyka decided to change the way they cooked their food and instead of the food being in a loaf type meal, it was very crumbly and dry. Even though Sadie still loved the taste, I was having issues with the mess it was making in the fridge.
Also the food came frozen and had to be kept frozen, which was a huge issue as finding room in the freezer was never easy.

I started to look around for another manufacturer of good quality dog food, which is much harder than it sounds - most companies say their food is awesome but when I was going through the ingredients I was always coming up with loads of fillers, which again, Sadie was intolerant of.
Even though I knew it would be risky given her sensitivity, I decided to try Doggy Grub. That took her from two flavours back to one as she couldn't have the chicken but so far, she is absolutely loving the Kangaroo and has never left any behind.

I am extremely happy to have been able to make the switch to Doggy Grub - it is such a bonus to be able to store the food in the pantry and actually, that was a major selling point for me especially since it is suiting Sadie's tummy so well."

Anne D.

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