Arlie | Success Story with Doggy Grub

We adopted Arlie about 7 years ago when we lived in regional Victoria, after he had quite a tough start to life. As such, he's on anxiety medication permanently, morning and night.

He is really picky with his food, and not driven by food reward, which at times made giving him his medication really tough. He would often eat the high reward treat but spit out the medication, which resulted in stressful mornings when trying to get out the door!

He would also get sick of the same food and go through phases of not wanting to eat it at all.

A friend of mine suggested trying Doggy Grub as a treat for him, as her dog was a big fan.
We've now been using the kangaroo Doggy Grub for Arlie's tablets, morning and night, for a couple of years now - and he has not once got sick of it!
He eagerly lines up for his 'treat' and can't sit fast enough when we have his bowl in hand (when he sits, his bowl goes on the ground for him to eat).

It has been a saviour for our routine, but also we feel great knowing he's also getting a dose of high quality ingredients when he has a small portion each morning and night.

Thank you Doggy Grub!!

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