Walter the Hound | Success Story with Doggy Grub

"From the very beginning, we discovered Walter has a very sensitive stomach. He doesn’t tolerate wheat and grain as well as super fatty foods and highly preserved foods.

Once we found a natural dry food that suited him we wanted to add in some wet food to make it interesting. I started to make his food using meat and vegetables but I quickly realised how time poor I really was.
The frustration in trying to think of a solution to feed our puppy was intense.
Knowing we needed to think of something quick for his growing body was a lot of pressure. Not only is he restricted to certain foods but he's also very fussy.

Then we discovered Doggy Grub.
We purchased a sample pack and the feeding problem with Walter was solved instantly!

He was eager to eat, gobbled it up and let me tell you, the relief was like any mother when her child finally know everything is going to be ok!

Doggy Grub is made fresh with all natural, normal ingredients that we, humans use too! No fillers, no preservatives (which is perfect for his sensitive tummy). The food hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for weeks and they use quality ingredients like peas, carrots and blueberries that I can see in his bowl.
It's portioned well and they're no mess when feeding. We’ve saved money in vet bills because he doesn’t have stomach upsets anymore and when we need to go away and leave him in the care of others we know he’s getting food that will agree with him.

Walter has finally reached a healthy weight. He sleeps well, has a beautiful, shiny coat, and always looks forward to his mealls.

We've saved money in vet bills because he doesn't have stomach upset anymore.

We are so relieved we have found Doggy Grub!"

Angela N.

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