Heidi The Schnauzer | Success Story with Doggy Grub

"We had two main problems. One was that Heidi was exceptionally fussy, to the point where we'd be hand feeding her on the floor just to get her to eat. She'd go days without eating which was scary when she was a puppy! The second is that we wanted something healthy for her, that she would eat. The two problems are somewhat intertwined in that she would happily eat 'unhealthy', supermarket foods but when we found something even slightly healthy, she would eat it once or twice and refuse to eat it again.

The frustration was next level. We'd find foods that were really healthy, but ridiculously expensive and frozen. Some will say they're healthy but be full of additives and fillers and others look and smell like 💩

Doggy Grub was different because it covered everything we needed. It's healthy, it's affordable, and we know exactly what the ingredients are. It means we don't have to research words from the ingredients list to figure out what is in it and we can be confident that Heidi is getting enough nutrients from her Grub. The subscription is also so convenient and means we're never without food, and we love that it's a South Australian business.

Heidi ate her meals, day after day after day. There hasn't been a day where she hasn't eaten her Doggy Grub!

Life is easy now! There's no stress about Heidi not eating, and we know the food she is eating is healthy and nourishing for her. "

Sarah J.

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