Wilbur the Whippet | Success Story with Doggy Grub

"Our Whippet puppy, Wilbur, was raised on a raw diet by the breeder. This seemed to be the source of his disdain for any other types of food and we were not great at making the food that he was used to eating.
We also discovered that he has a sensitive stomach and does not react well to normal dog foods Most of those foods are of limited nutritional value anyway.

As a result, we were struggling to get him to eat enough food to grow and maintain a healthy weight and condition. Being a Whippet, he was skinny enough already and we were definitely concerned for his long term wellbeing.

For us , it was easy to see how Doggy Grub solved our problem. First, Wilbur actually eats Doggy Grub and once he ate it regularly it became obvious that he was thriving on it!
Doggy Grub is clearly a well thought-out product that provides a balanced diet and is close enough to the raw diet that Wilbur was raised.

Now, we have a healthy and happy dog that is the ideal weight and has a nice shiny coat."

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