Sam the Pug | Success Story with Doggy Grub

"I wanted a bit more variety in Sam’s meals. I like Sam to have lots of different things to eat on his licky mat so he doesn’t get bored. Plus I love watching him take little bites of each before he decides what’s his favourite 😂

It's essential for me that any meal or topper is natural, healthy with no nasties and that it is locally sourced. I also like to support Aussie businesses.
It was time consuming doing research, googling, trying to find a product that fitted Sam’s needs(and mine) and lined up with our values.

I kept going back and forth trying to find something great.

When our first box of Doggy Grub arrived, I opened one of the casserole up (the chicken) and instantly Sam’s started doing dinner spins 😂
I let him try it and clearly it was his favourite.
Then came time to putting it all away- it was relief to have one less thing in the freezer!
That's another thing which I absolutely love about Doggy Grub is that it's shelf stable. We don’t have to use up any more freezer space for Sam’s food. It fits nicely in the pantry.

When the Grinkles Superblend arrived ( I ordered the dental blend) his fishy breath was definitely a lot better already the next day!

Knowing that it’s all cooked directly in the pouch means it’s fresh. I don’t know of any other dog food company that does this? I love everything about it: the way it’s cooked, the way it’s stored, the convenience of the pouch/packaging, the affordability, Doggy Grub's values. The team is clearly passionate and invested in their product which is why we love supporting them.

I’m so happy with Doggy Grub. They have made things easier for us.
Knowing that the meals are so healthy and good for Sam is peace of mind. They have become a permanent fixture in Sam’s diet. "

Charlene P.

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