Kona the Westie | Success Story with Doggy Grub

"We first chose Doggy Grub because Kona had stopped eating his dry food.
He looked so disinterested in eating that we were concerned he wasn’t getting much food throughout the day.
We wanted something new and fresh!

Compared to other foods on the market, with Doggy Grub, we could recognise every ingredient listed and with the guarantee of no nasties. Plus a bonus was it is being made locally and fresh so we wanted to support local businesses as well.

We knew Doggy Grub was the perfect choice for Kona when we had to stop giving his food in his bowl and into a slow feeder bone as he had started inhaling it!

Life with Doggy Grub is less stressful. You get your delivery to your door knowing you will never run out of dog food!"

Adrian D.

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