Tobi & Peanut | Success Story With Doggy Grub

"We didn’t think we had a feeding problem initially. Going back a bit over four years ago we only had Peanut (a Cavoodle) as part of the family. Before finding out that he was experiencing a few health issues with his digestive system we just thought he was being
a fussy eater.

We did try Doggy Grub back then along with a myriad of other dog foods but always came up against ‘fussy eater syndrome” where he would like something to begin with and then not long after he’d turn his nose up at it!

It was frustrating and worrying because being a young dog you want to make sure he’s getting the right nutrients through a balanced diet and when he refused to eat for a day, you start to freak out that there is something seriously wrong with him.
Trying him with different foods wasn’t always successful as any new food should be introduced gradually and often he would take a ‘dislike’ to it before the changeover was complete.

Once we had a medical reason for his ‘fussiness’ he was put on a relatively blandish diet of high-quality dry food mixed with boiled/steamed chicken.
The ongoing frustration with this is that his diet didn’t vary much from day to day.

Fast forward to August 2021 when we welcomed Tobi (another Cavoodle) to the family.
Tobi has been the complete opposite to Peanut – Tobi loves his food!
With Tobi’s arrival both he and Peanut were having daily serves of high-quality dry food (puppy food initially for Tobi) but we wanted to start making their mealtimes more interesting but still be healthy.

Even though we were still hesitant about switching over Peanut’s food knowing his history, we started thinking about Doggy Grub again. We’d been keeping an eye on the Doggy
Grub socials and knowing that Doggy Grub casseroles use 100% human grade ingredients with no by-products (e.g. no nasties like artificial colouring, flavours, or preservatives) it easily met our requirement of being fresh, healthy and nutritious for dogs.
Also, by this time Tobi had started having some Doggy Grub lunches at daycare, which he loved eating.
So, we decided that we would give it a go again and begin introducing it into their daily diets.

Apart from the healthy food, we also loved that Doggy Grub is a South Australian family business providing healthy and balanced meals, packaged using recyclable and compostable
materials friendly to the environment.
They also have sample packs which was a great way for our dog to taste test before committing to the change process.

The moment we knew that our decision to give Doggy Grub Casseroles another try was the right one was when Peanut began to be more excited at mealtimes. He would often have a ‘couldn’t care-less’ attitude but with the addition of the Doggy Grub Casseroles to his dinner bowl he has become more proactive in starting to eat his food rather than needing the gentle encouragement.
And once he gets going, he eats it all!

We’ve been using Doggy Grub for nearly two years now with this being the longest period that Peanut has maintained a liking for a particular type of food.
Tobi continues to love his Doggy Grub casseroles and he is the first one to hang in the kitchen with us humans when their evening meals are being prepped.

By using Doggy Grub Casseroles as an additional component to Peanut's evening meals we know that he is getting the nutrients needed to keep him healthy and happy!"

Lea-Ann H.

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