Ruby The Groodle | Sucess Story With Doggy Grub

"Ruby has never really been a food oriented kind of girl since day one.
Before Doggy Grub I tried everything to get her to eat but she would only take a sniff, or one or two bites at most and then refuse to eat. You name it I think I tried it! But it didn’t matter how her food was jazzed up she just didn’t want to eat!

After multiple trips to the vet to try and work out why she wouldn’t eat or to get different suggestions that might entice her to eat, since she was still so small and continued to refuse to eat every meal no matter how it was disguised, the frustration was real.
I almost dreaded meal times cause I just wanted her to eat something so bad!
When told by the vet “well maybe she’s just a twice a week to be fed kinda girl, she’s just being too fussy” in my heart I didn’t feel that was right, you shouldn’t have to try and convince a dog to eat.
I wanted to make sure that she was developing and growing properly, and getting enough nutrients. It was a very hard time.

Then I started Ruby at daycare for socialization and because she was still a puppy you needed to provide lunch. I knew she probably wouldn’t eat it but packed her lunch anyway and thought maybe a new environment will help.
Upon arrival, a staff member mentioned if she didn’t want to eat her lunch, they could try her with a pouch of Doggy Grub, which they serve as an alternative to bringing your own food. It was worth a try because at this point nothing seemed to working.
Lunch time came and Ruby refused her dry food but gobbled down the Doggy Grub with no hesitation.

I was so pleased she had eaten and actually finished something, I soon ordered a sample pack. I got to speak with Candice from Doggy Grub about the product, about Ruby’s experience and her eating habits and told her how much she enjoyed it.

The thing is Ruby is so fussy that she is only happy to eat the Doggy Grub on its own. As soon as any dry food was mixed in or near it she would refuse so after a lot of consideration, consultation and trial and error I then decided to give Ruby a full Doggy Grub diet, no more pushing dry food.
It was the right decision. She has not missed one meal since and leaves a clean plate every time.

I love that the food is cooked fresh and not sitting on a shelf for months or years even. I love that it smells homely like a country pie once you’ve warmed it up and you can visibly see the chunks of meat and pieces of vegetables.
There is no need to gag at the ‘dog food’ smell that normally comes with commercial food.
I love that its portioned out for you and easy to pull out the pantry, so as she grows I know she is getting enough food.

I could go on and on. I love everything about it!

Now Ruby wakes me up in the morning to be fed, which would never happen before and in the evening when it’s around dinner time, she has self-taught to nudge the Doggy Grub fridge magnet to let me know she wants to eat. When you then ask her if she’s wants ‘grubby’ (that’s what we call it) she then repeats the action like ‘yes, I want it’ and gives the magnet a high five.
Ruby also gets super excited when our delivery text message comes through, like she knows who it is and when you say “is that for your delivery” she starts doing spins and jumps waiting for it to come.

Life now for Ruby is like she’s a different dog when it comes to eating. Now she licks her bowl clean until it sparkles. Her fear of dry food is gone, she has had no issues at all with food.
She loves to try different fruits and vegetables for snacks or as training treats.

At her annual vet check up, they said how well she’s doing now and whatever it is, it’s working for her, she’s in great shape. It was such great news!
How times have changed... She is one happy smiley girl."

Nathalie M.

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