5 Fun and Effective Exercises to Do With Your Dog

Apr 8, 2024

If you've ever found yourself torn between hitting the gym and spending quality time with your furry friend, you're in for a treat.

We're about to unleash a collection of 5 exercises that not only keep you in tip-top shape but also turn your workout into a bonding experience with your four-legged workout buddy.

From cardio to strength-building moves, get ready to discover a new realm of fitness that involves more than just human gym partners.

So, grab your sneakers & leash up your pup!

1. Push Ups

If you have a small to medium dog, you can have them on or across your back for weighted push-ups.

2. Lunges

A lunge for a treat!

Each time you do a lunge, give your dog a treat! Alternate lunges so your pup learns to change sides.


3. Running

The simplest form of exercise you can do with your dog.

Avoid running on hard surfaces to protect your dog's pads and pick early mornings or late afternoons in the Summer months. You can also equip your dog with a reflective collar or coat to keep them safe.

4. Plank

Having trouble holding a plank? Place your dog under you and you'll have even more reasons not to fall flat on your face...or in this case, your dog!

5. Front Squat

Perform a weighted front squat but instead of a sandbag, carry your dog close to your body.


As we wrap up this fitness fiesta, remember that the journey to a healthier lifestyle is all about enjoyment and inclusivity.

Whether your dog is a workout warrior or more of a sideline cheerleader, the important thing is that you're having fun together.

If your pup is too big or a bit hesitant to join in on the exercises, fear not! They make the perfect supportive audience, providing all the encouragement you need with those soulful eyes and wagging tails.


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