A letter from Betty, our chief taste tester!

Aug 4, 2018

I’ll never forget those days in the dog pound. Overweight (45kgs!). Uncomfortable. No energy. It was Groundhog Day. Life was pretty ‘ruff’, no bones about it.

That is, until a couple of angels (read: my soon to be owners) rocked up, took one look at me and then whisked me away to greener pastures! And thankfully so…

All of a sudden I had a warm and comfy bed! Happy barks. And all this love and attention! Tail wags. And the best bit was the food (which I happily gobbled up every morning and night). Oh boy! Home made delicious food. None of that processed food with unidentifiable ingredients I was used to.

Nope, this food was delicious and gave me lots of energy. I soon found myself running around for hours (and hours!). I bounded around at the dog park. And I had a nice healthy glow. Most importantly - I lost some weight!

Dog eating in bowl- Doggy Grub

Hmmm… What was this miracle food? Scooby Snax?

I sniffed around my owner’s kitchen and saw these bright orange stickers on the bench. Doggy Grub, they read.

I asked my owners what this Doggy Grub thing was all about.

They said they created the Doggy Grub housemade dog food thanks to me! They saw such a massive transformation in me and witnessed the amazing effects a good diet can have, which later sparked the idea of Doggy Grub. Wow. I’m chuffed!

The food my owners cook is 100% fresh and made with human-grade ingredients and sourced in SA. The best bit is the formula follows a balanced and healthy guideline, which means no fillers, no by-products and no preservatives!

They also said Doggy Grub is backed by extensive research on pet nutrition, advice from holistic vets and most importantly – me, Betty!

I owe a lot to my owners and how they rescued me from my mundane dog pound life and transported me to a world full of freedom, love and most importantly, the wholesome and nutritious ingredients found in Doggy Grub meals.

Thanks guys. You’re the best!

Love and pats, Betty the rescue dog.

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