Insect dog treats, what's the buzz?

Feb 11, 2022

Aussies are becoming more and more health conscious and aware of environmental footprint, and this extends to the choices we make for our pets.

At Doggy Grub, we have made the decision to select high quality proteins such as chicken and kangaroo, that have a low impact on the environment in comparison to beef.

The solution for treats? Insect protein.

Enters BuggyBix!

BuggyBix is the first insect-based dog treat to launch in the Australian market. We’re very excited for Doggy Grub to be stocking them.

But why exactly are insects suitable for dogs? And more importantly, do they like it? (spoiler: they find it delicious!)

Benefits of insect dog treats

Amazing nutritional profile

BuggyBix uses Mealworm and Black Soldier Fly which are both packed with nutrients. They are high in protein and contain essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins such as zinc, copper, and magnesium. They also have fatty acids that are beneficial for intestinal health.

Digestion and Absorption

Protein and other nutrients from mealworms and black soldier fly larvae are more easily absorbed than the same nutrients in beef.

Hypoallergenic properties

Insects are a novelty protein. As they are not commonly available in commercial dog food and treats, your dog has had minimal exposure to them, therefore has not developed a food intolerance to it.

This means insect treats are great for dogs with special dietary requirements, skin irritations, or sensitive tummies.

Low environmental footprint

The environmental footprint of insects compared to traditional farming is very low! Insect farming requires very little water, land, energy consumption and feed.

To give you an idea, per kg of protein, mealworms require ~20m2 of land (vs ~200m2 for beef) and produce ~20kg of CO2 (vs ~125kg for beef).

Plus, the whole insect is consumed so there is no waste or by-product.

Super palatable!

Dogs love insect treats! BuggyBix uses other natural ingredients to complement the insect protein, such as pumpkin and peas, that has dogs wagging their tails for more!

Try it and you’ll see!

Why we chose BuggyBix?

BuggyBix shares the same values as Doggy Grub. They source all their ingredients here in Australia and the insect farms they work with all follow human standards and guidelines.

They have the same vision of a more transparent pet food industry and a wish  to feed our dog quality food without costing the planet!


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