How Doggy Grub Solved My Picky Dog's Mealtime Woes: A Customer Success Story

May 26, 2023

Some dogs are picky eaters, some need special diets, and some will eat anything you put in front of them.

No matter what type of eater your dog is, one of the most important things is to make sure they're getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy and happy.

So what do you do when nothing seems to be doing the trick?

We're so excited to share this success story with you.

Meet Peanut- a pup who doesn't seem to like food!

Peanut is a gorgeous Cavoodle. At first, it seemed that Peanut was a fussy dog. His hoomum Lea-Ann says: "We tried him on many different foods, including Doggy Grub. He would like something to begin with and then not long after, he’d turn his nose up at it! It was frustrating and worrying because being a young dog you want to make sure he’s getting the right nutrients through a balanced diet and when he refused to eat for a day you start to freak out that there is
something seriously wrong with him."

Peanut's family accepted that maybe he was just a 'fussy eater'. Still, they went for a visit to the vet, and they were told Peanut had a few issues with his digestive system. 

That explains a thing or two!

Lea-Ann recalls: "Once we had a medical reason for his ‘fussiness’, Peanut was put on a relatively blandish diet of high-quality dry food mixed with boiled/steamed chicken. The ongoing frustration with this is that his diet didn’t vary much from day to day."


The arrival of a Cavoodle brother

Fast forward to August 2021 and the family welcomed Tobi (another Cavoodle) Tobi is the complete opposite to Peanut – he loves his food!

With Tobi’s arrival, both he and Peanut were having daily serves of high-quality dry food but the family wanted to start making their mealtimes
more interesting and still healthy.

"Even though we were still hesitant about switching over Peanut’s food
knowing his history, we started thinking about Doggy Grub again. We’d been keeping an eye on their socials and knowing that Doggy Grub casseroles use 100% human grade ingredients with no by-products (e.g. no nasties like artificial colouring, flavours, or preservatives) it easily met our requirement of being fresh, healthy and nutritious for dogs. Plus the sample packs were a great way to taste test before committing to the change process. So, we decided that we would give it a go again and begin introducing it into their daily diets."

Doggy Grub is a success!!

Lea-ann shares: "The moment we knew that our decision to give Doggy Grub Casseroles another try was the right one was when Peanut began to be more excited at mealtimes."

"He would often have a ‘couldn’t care-less’ attitude but with the addition of the Doggy Grub Casseroles to his dinner bowl he has become more proactive in starting to eat his food rather than needing the gentle encouragement. And once he gets going, he eats it all!"

"We’ve been using Doggy Grub for nearly two years now and it has been the longest period that Peanut has maintained a liking for a particular type of food. Tobi continues to love his Doggy Grub casseroles and he is the first one to hang in the kitchen with us humans when their evening meals are being prepped."


Life today with Doggy Grub

"Peanut today is still at times what we now call a ‘reluctant eater’. We allow him to determine if he wishes to eat or not and we no longer stress thinking there might be something wrong with him if he chooses not to eat (and no need to worry, he eats way more often than he doesn’t)."

"By using Doggy Grub Casseroles as an additional component to his evening meals we know that he is getting the nutrients needed to keep him healthy and happy"


We're so happy that Doggy Grub has made such a difference for Peanut, and we know it can make a difference for your dog too.

Try Doggy Grub today and see the difference it makes in your dog's health and happiness!


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