The changes you can expect when you feed your dog fresh food.

Aug 27, 2022

You might think just because there are pictures of fields, fresh veggies and lean meat on your pack of dry dog biscuits, it means that your dog is getting all the nutrients they need.

Wrong! Unfortunately, the ingredients in dry food are cooked at such hight temperature that they loose all nutrients, and manufacturers have to add artificial vitamins and minerals to make up for that loss.

The good news is: by adding even a small amount of fresh food into your dog’s bowl, you will give them the chance to get true benefits from every ingredients.
Even better news, the transformation to your dog’s body and health can be seen very quickly, sometimes within weeks !

So let’s take a look at some of the changes you can expect to see when you start feeding your dog fresh food.


Within 1-2 weeks of feeding fresh dog food


Increased energy

Does your dog usually snooze right after a meal? That’s because the ingredients in dry food are heavily processed and hard to digest. Your dog is getting the equivalent of our after lunch slump.

A quick high, followed by a crash !

Fresh food on the other hand, is easily digestible. Your dog's body will recognise and absorb it. As a result, it will give them a more sustainable source of energy, throughout the day.

Better number #2

Easy digestion means better stools! We promise you, once you start feeding your dog fresh food, you’ll become obsessed with their number 2s, and there is no shame about it.

Note that it is normal for your dog to experience softer stools, and sometimes diarrhea, when switching to a new diet. To limit tummy upset follow our transition chart.

Once the transition period is over, expect your dog's poos to be regular, well-formed and less stinky.


After a few months of feeding fresh dog food


Shiny eyes and coat

Making the switch to fresh food will give your dog essential nutrients, such as fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6) that naturally improve skin and coats over time. Say goodbye to incessant scratching, irritated skin and dull coat.

360 spins at mealtime

If you have a picky eater, you will be glad to know that fresh food is much more palatable that dry kibble. Meal time is now a breeze because even the pickiest of eaters cannot resist fresh and delicious food! You don’t even need to switch your dog’s diet entirely to fresh food : simply adding a meal topper to their kibble will add moisture and keep things interesting in the bowl.


After a year of feeding fresh dog food

Less trips to the vet

You’re about to save money and a lot of worry ! Fresh food improves your dog's overall health by strengthening their immune system, maintaining a healthy weight and lowering the chance of cancer or diseases, resulting in less trips to the vet.

Longer Lifespan

Who wouldn’t want to have their dog around for longer. Studies show that giving your dog fresh food can increase your dog’s lifespan by 20%.

Don’t believe us ? See for yourself ! Our food is packed with quality meat, fresh veggies, fruits and superfood, all human-grade and cooked at low temperatures to keep the nutients.

Start with a sample pack to see if your dog likes it, then graduate to a box of 14 or 28 meals.

The first signs that our grub members report after switching to Doggy Grub is better poos (told you, you’ll become obsessed!) and a very happy dog at mealtime, some even polishing their bowl clean for the first time in months.


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