Top tips when choosing a pet sitter!

Jan 15, 2018

Its summer in Australia and many families take some time away from the hustle and bustle of work, home and school to catch up on much needed relaxation.

But is your holiday destination able to accommodate your pets? 

I am Kath, an animal lover, experienced pet sitter and owner of 4Paws Pet Sitting Adelaide. We are a family business in the western suburbs of Adelaide and offer dog boarding in our home, where your dog is free to roam and play as well as provide care to pets in their own home. 

Here are some of my top tips when looking for a pet sitter:

  1. Plan Ahead - pet sitters can get very busy with multiple bookings, specifically at peak times through the year. If you are planning a getaway ensure you have included your pets in your plans by allowing ample time to look for a suitable sitter. Its even good to have at least two reputable sitters on hand in case one is not available when you need them. 
  1. Meet & Greet - we strongly recommend to meet your potential pet sitter face to face prior to committing to a booking either at their home or at a neutral place. This provides an open conversation where you can ask questions and built rapport. Your dog can then meet the sitters pet(s) and see if they are a good match to continue the stay. It gives you an opportunity to check out the facilities / environment and the people who will be looking after your fur baby.  

  1. Social Media Reviews/ Referrals - its important to know what other people think of the pet sitter you are looking at booking with. So check out their social media pages (if they have them) and look at the reviews given. Or alternatively referrals from friends are always another way that you can build that trust and connection. 
  1. Trial Stay - if you are intending on a long holiday, its a good idea to organise for a trial run. This gives your sitter a feel for your pet and at the same time gives them a opportunity to build a relationship with them. 

  1. Pet Updates - even though you are on holidays, ensure your pet sitter provides photos and updates on how your pets are going. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your beloved furry is being well looked after.
  2. Being Comfortable - To ensure your pooch has a comfortable stay with your pet sitter, its best to bring their own food which will ensure there are no allergies or digestive issues if other food is given. Bring along their bedding, this provides a sense of belonging and comfortability while they are away from home. A favourite toy is also important for enrichment and familiarity. 

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    Photo credit: Kath from 4 Paws Pet Sitting Adelaide

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