Reflecting on Healing and Cherished Memories After The Loss of Our Pet

Mar 4, 2024

They say time has a way of healing wounds, but the loss of a beloved pet leaves an enduring mark on our hearts. As we hit the two-year milestone since our Betty crossed the rainbow bridge, we thought it would be fitting to provide you with an update on the journey of healing, remembrance, and the enduring love that remains.

In this blog post, we're sharing our experiences and offering insights into how the passage of time has shaped our perspective on grief, in the hopes that it might resonate with those going through a similar process.


The Evolution of Grief

Two years after saying goodbye to our dear Betty, the intensity of grief has softened, replaced by a bittersweet acknowledgment of the joy she brought into our lives. The waves of sorrow are no longer as tumultuous, allowing room for fond memories to surface without being overshadowed by the pain of loss.

The once-painful memories of the final moments have gradually transformed into reflections on the happy times, the antics that made us laugh, and the unconditional love that defined our bond. These memories have become a treasured legacy that continues to bring warmth to our hearts.

While the void left by our dog's absence persisted after the first year, we learnt to find joy in the everyday moments. The old routines got swapped for some new rituals, recognizing that life keeps chugging along, and there's room for happiness even when grief is hanging out.

Embracing the present without forgetting the past has been a crucial aspect of the healing process.

Acts of Remembrance

Keeping Betty alive in our hearts is therapeutic. Visiting your pet's favorite spots or maintaining a little memorial become ways to honour their memory. It's all about celebrating a life well-lived instead of getting bogged down in the sadness of losing her.

Gratitude for Support

The support received from friends, family, and fellow pet lovers has been instrumental in our healing journey. Sharing stories, discussing the challenges, and receiving empathetic understanding has helped alleviate the isolation that often accompanies grief.

The connections forged through shared experiences have become a source of strength and resilience, and we can only encourage people to surround themselves with an understanding tribe.


New beginnings?

Looking back on the journey of healing, one thought has emerged: the consideration of welcoming a new furry companion into our lives. For the past year, we have very much been enjoying pet-sitting while traveling as well as fostering pets.

Initially, the idea of adopting a new pet felt like a distant and challenging prospect, as the pain of losing our beloved Betty was still fresh.


Love has a way of bouncing back, teaching us that no pet can replace Betty, but there's always room for new connections and shared moments. Considering the idea of adoption is a nod to the healing power of time and love.

Betty's legacy lives on in the joy she brought into our lives, and we're honouring that legacy by soaking up life's moments with a big dose of love.


Cheers to our furry friends, both the ones we've loved and the ones yet to join the squad!


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