Why are my dog's paws smelling like corn chips?

Aug 10, 2019

Have you ever walked past your dog’s bed and suddenly felt like dipping a corn chip into a bowl of guac?

Before you think we’re going delirious, paws and have a sniff!

Corn chips, popcorn, Doritos…whatever you want to call it, you’re not going crazy for thinking your dog’s paws smell like a snack! Turns out there is a perfectly normal explanation to it and we’re eager to get to the bottom of it!

Why do dog paws smell like corn chips?

Moisture and sweat exude from your dog’s paws via sweat glands, there to regulate the temperature, keeping your dog cool but also retaining moisture and keeping the pads soft. When nervous or stressed, dog paws sweat the same way your palms get clammy at the thought of public speaking.

Not surprisingly, dog paws also pick up debris from walking around.

This combination of secretion and microorganisms is the culprit! One bacteria in particular: yeast, seems to be the reason your dog’s tootsies smell like a snack. Yeast loves a warm environment and the hairy space in between the pads is the perfect spot to take up residence.

Black dog paws

Should I be alarmed?

Before you panic, know that this is completely normal for dogs and no reason to be alarmed.

However, if the smell is overpowering, consider a visit to the vet as it could be a fungal problem.

How do I stop my dog’s paws from smelling like Doritos?

Regular foot baths and shampooing are the easiest way to get rid of the corn chip smell. Lather up each paw and rinse well.

Make sure to trim the hair that grow in between the pads and keep them short for healthy feet.

On the other hand, if you like a bit of Mexican flavour, please go ahead and disregard the above recommendations 😉


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