2022- A year to reset with your dog!

Jan 11, 2022

These last two years have been pretty tough on a lot of people, so we declare 2022 the year for a reset!

You and your dog deserve a joyous and fulfilling life. All too often, we get caught up in the day-to-day and forget to take time for what really matters, what really brings us joy.

Join us in establishing some new habits that will help make this year the best for you and your dog!

Getting outdoors and moving your body

Most dogs won’t refuse an opportunity to go for a walk! Grab your favourite leash, put your runners on, and go explore with your pal.

You don’t need to go for a 2-hour hike (although if that’s what you like, knock your sport socks off!).

Moving your body daily has been shown to improve our strength, memory, and mental health.  

For your dog, it’s a great way to keep obesity at bay while providing mental stimulation. Make sure to vary your route so there's plenty of new things to sniff every day.

Choosing to eat a nutritious and balanced diet

Working from home + Netflix & Chill + too much Uber eats = sluggish feeling!

This year, choose to prioritise foods that leaves you feeling energised. This can be as simple as swapping overly processed foods for their most natural form.

Find yourself a recipe book that inspires you, add some superfoods to your diet and get back to basics: simple and nutritious ingredients.

That goes for your dog too! Ditch the highly processed commercial dog food, cooked at such high temperatures it loses all nutritional value.

Instead, choose a balanced and natural diet and watch your dog thrive! For this, Doggy Grub has you covered.


A brown dog is sleeping on a blue couch.

Stop and relax!

It’s difficult to reset if we’re constantly on the go. Chilling out is just as important as being active.

Take your dog, for example: it’s essential that they have some down time so they can process what they’ve learned through play.

Resting promotes mental and physical well-being.

This year, take at least 10min a day to close you eyes and take some deep breaths. Disconnect by putting your phone on silent mode or leaving it behind while you and your dog go for a walk.


Will you be adding one (or all) of these new habits to your life in 2022? Let us know which one!


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