A new leash on life!

May 16, 2020

Have you ever wondered what eating Doggy Grub really feels like for a dog?

While we’re yet to figure out a way to read our dog’s mind, we’re certain this is what Ruddy would say the day his grub gets delivered. He’s got a bit of a dirty mouth so be warned.

It’s a typical Sunday:

“Gotta run to the door and bark at that strange noise I heard! It’s Sunday morning, can’t a dog get a sleep in for woofing sake?

Oh wait, I recognize that sound: that’s the sound of a delivery being dropped on the door mat… and that can only mean one thing: my supply of fresh meals has arrived!

Wake up everypawdy!! Quick! Someone get to the door before Lorny, the neighbour’s cat, comes snooping around, the sneaky bastard.

I’ve been on Doggy Grub for a year now and let me tell you something, I didn’t used to get THIS excited for food; you could even say I was a picky eater. BUT we’re talking real, fresh ingredients here. The kind that usually only comes out of your human’s fridge!  Now I see hunks of meat and chunks of vegetables in my bowl, that would make Lorny a jealous puss.

Since being on Doggy Grub my energy levels have spiked! And my coat is so shiny! I can tell by the way all the bitches are looking at me at the dog park.

Not to brag, but my #2s are now a work of art. Nice and well formed, no more runnies! Ok… ok… I’ll spare you the details. Gosh, you’ve a delicate nature!

My humans are happier too! They don’t wince when they serve my wet food and that’s because it doesn’t smell like Lorny has shat in it. It now emanates delicious aromas of coconut oil and rosemary!

I can tell my humans are a bit jealous I’m having such gourmet dinners every day…but that doesn’t mean I’m going to share. A pup’s gotta set boundaries!

I already share MY couch with them when they want to watch the idiot box.

I feel it is my duty to let all the pups out there know that my good looks are available to them too. If you want a new leash on life for 2020, the pals at Doggy Grub cater meals for just your needs! It only takes a couple of minutes to start your meal plan online and become the envy of all your neighbours!

You can thank me later!

Peace, love and belly rubs,


PS: You even get 50% off your first week of meals! Enter code DOGGY50 at checkout.


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