Getting Along is Possible: Dogs and Cats in Harmony

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Bringing a new pet into your home is always an exciting adventure, but what happens when your furry family members come from different species?

Many people believe that dogs and cats are natural enemies, doomed to a life of conflict. However, this isn’t necessarily the case! With the right approach, dogs and cats can learn to live together harmoniously.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how to facilitate a peaceful coexistence between your canine and feline friends, focusing on the importance of proper introductions, understanding their different behaviours, and offering practical tips to create a happy home for all.

Whether you're introducing a new pet for the first time or trying to improve existing relationships, we’re here to help you every step of the way.


Dogs & Cats- Getting along is possible

Dogs and cats have a reputation for not getting along, but this isn't always true.

If they come into your home at the same time, they will naturally learn to live together. This is especially true if they are both young. The ideal age for creating bonds easily is preferably before three months. The situation is a bit different if you adopt one of the two species later on.

The Introduction Process

The introduction is a crucial step. It's better not to rush things. Before even introducing a dog to your cat—or vice versa—you can familiarise them with the smell of the newcomer.

How? By visiting friends who have a dog or a cat, for example. 

If you already have a dog and plan to adopt a cat, get them used to each other's breed by walking in neighbourhoods where there are free-roaming cats. Does your dog sneeze and bark when they see a cat? Give them plenty of reassurance and tasty reward for good behaviour in the presence of cats.

Gradually, they will learn to stay calm when seeing a cat. 

Different Characters

Even though dogs and cats aren't sworn enemies, they won't necessarily become best friends at first sight. Why? Simply because these two species have very different, even opposite, behaviours. 

Naturally calm, cats walk gently. This is quite different from dogs, who dash into a room at full speed! While cats are relatively independent, dogs seek presence and contact. Being explorers at heart, cats spend their days stalking their prey. Dogs, on the other hand, are more protective and take their role as house guardians very seriously. Faced with a cat entering their territory, their first instinct will be to bark to warn their owner of this intrusion. It’s in their nature!

Tips and Tricks for Dogs and Cats to Get Along

Does your dog's hunting instinct make it hard for them to coexist with your cat? Here are some tips to help them tolerate the arrival of this new friend in the family.

Respect Each Other’s Spaces

To prevent your cat from encroaching on your dog's territory, you can place their bowls in strategic locations. Ideally, put the cat’s bowl up high where only they can reach, and the dog’s bowl on the floor. In any case, your dog's food should not be right next to the cat's. This rule also applies to their water bowls.

Reward Your Pets

To reinforce good behaviours, don't hesitate to praise your pet with a pat or a yummy treat, every time they're having a good interaction with the cat.

Don't forget to adjust your dog's meal portions accordingly so they don't overeat.

Here at Doggy Grub, our favourite reward treats are these 100% natural training treats from Boat to Bowl.

Help Your Pets Relax

If your cat is stressed, try spraying pheromones around the house. There are also sprays for dogs that mimic the pheromones produced by their mother to calm them. They are not a drug and don't enter your pet's bloodstream, so they're considered very safe.

Less tension may lead to a better understanding between them.

Most of the time, dogs and cats manage to coexist peacefully within the same household. Many pet parents can attest to this! So don't worry, with a bit of patience and the right approach, your furry friends can become the best of companions.

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