Is your dog a fussy eater?

Feb 24, 2017

Having a fussy eater at home is not only frustrating but also concerning. You're always wondering if your dog is getting the right amount of food and nutrition to stay healthy. 

Is your dog a fussy eater?- Doggy Grub Blog

While some reason to being picky can be attributed to anxiety- we, at Doggy Grub, once took care of a little one with extreme separation anxiety who would refuse to eat unless one of us stood right next to him the whole time! - or disease- please always check first with your vet if you suspect your dog isn't eating for health reasons- there are a few tricks and tips that might help you in encouraging your fur friend to eat.

  1. Warm up your dog's food: You need to increase the palatability of your food in order to induce eating. After all, it's not just the taste buds that are involved, even for us humans! It all starts with smell. You know that feeling when you get home after a hard day and as soon as you open the door, your nose is greeted by the casserole smell that your loved one is preparing?! Same with dogs.Warming up your dog's food a few minutes on low heat will increase the aroma and get your dog ready and excited for the meal to come.
  2. Use high palatable food: in other words something reaaaaally yummy and special and mix it with your pet's usual food.
  3. A peaceful "eating nook": It is important to feed your dog in a quiet environment where traffic from members of the family is limited. Also, if you have more than one dog, it can help to feed them separately, for example one inside, one outside.
  4. Hand-feed first: You can hand-feed the first few bites to encourage your fur friend who then shouldn't have too much problem eating the rest from a bowl.
  5. Try different food: Try various food and food combination until you find the one that works. We know it is challenging and arduous but the rewards will be amazing.
  6. This time of the year: Remember that when females are on heat, their eating pattern changes and they can turn their nose up to food that they would normally eat.

Do you have a fussy eater?-Doggy grub blog

All in all, a happy environment and plenty of vocal reassurance will get you on the right track to a less fussy eater! Good luck!


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