The benefits of grass-eating in a homemade treat!

Oct 1, 2017

As you may know if you have been on this blog before, we love to experiment with homemade treats, especially frozen ones! ( try these super easy frozen pupsicles)

There is something so paw-some about putting ingredients together, pouring them into fun shaped moulds and watching them freeze.

Now while we normally try and do yummy treats to use as rewards for training, we also try to make treats with a purpose! And that's the recipe we want to share with you today!

A super green ice treat that improves your dog's digestive system, freshens the breath and up their fibre intake. Better than a nice bunch of fresh grass!

So for all the city pups out there that find it hard to come across a patch of green grass, this is for you!

 Frozen greenies by Doggy Grub


  • 1 bunch of fresh parsley, chopped
  • Handful of mint leaves, chopped
  • Barley & wheat grass powder
  • 1 cup of filtered water
  • ground linseeds and chia seeds (optional)
  1. Blend all ingredients together.
  2. Pour into freezer resistant molds.
  3. Give one a day! Preferably after a meal.

Let us know how you and your pup go! 



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