Fun Halloween costumes for your dog!

Oct 30, 2017

As dog owners, Halloween has to be the best time of the year because it gives us the perfect excuse to dress our dogs like humans! 

We've compiled a few of our favourite costumes in the hope it will spark some ideas for your trick or treating day.

Dogtiny Halloween costume

Dogtini-or how to best put the cone of shame to use!

Captain dog Halloween costume

All on board with Captain Doggo

Waldog costume Halloween- Doggy Grub Blog

Where is Waldog?

Harry Potter halloween costume for dogs- Doggy Grub blog

The Dark Lord doesn't stand a chance...

M&Ms dog costumes- Doggy Grub Blog

Which colour is your favourite?

Have a happy Halloween everypawdy!

Doggy Grub xxx

Sources: Pinterest


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