New Year's resolutions- for both you and your dog!

Jan 1, 2018

2018 is here! Have you thought about your resolutions?

While we won't pretend we kept many of last year's resolutions (hum, hum...), we have decided to make a real difference this year in terms of healthy changes for our pets and thought: why not make resolutions that would benefit both you as well as your fur friend!

Plus, those puppy eyes will be sure to keep you accountable for your actions.

Let's look at some easy ways to make this new year healthier for both you and your pet.

Dogs sleeping- Doggy Grub Blog

  • Sleep more!

I bet you didn't think this one would be part of your list?! The average sleep for an adult dog is 12-14 hours/day and even more for cats. Take a leaf out of your pet's book and try to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night.

Create a bed time routine: turn of electronic devises at least an hour before bed, drink a herbal tea such as camomile, dim the lights, take 10 min to focus on your breathing or jot your thoughts down on paper so they don't keep you awake at night! But most importantly, don't forget to snuggle up with your fur babies.

  • Step up your activity level

Make a pact with your dog to get outside more! Depending on what breed you have, you might only need a walk around the block. But you can also give yourself and your dog a challenge, preparing for the million paws walk event for example.

Walking will improve your mood and promote a healthy heart! You can see a top 5 of the best walking spots in Adelaide  on our blog and remember: a tired dog is less likely to misbehave at home!

  • Eat better

This one seem to always end up top of the list in many new year's resolutions! And while we often start with good intentions, work and our busy schedules quickly get the best of us and we tend to fall off the leafy-green wagon well before mid-year.

Why not start by simplifying our menus? Our plates don't need to look Insta worthy at all times! Pick 3 to 4 healthy recipes that you love and are quick and easy to make and stick to that for a few weeks. You can pick some new ones the following month! You will know exactly which ingredients you need to shop for, which will limit waste each week and you can cook big batches that you can freeze and whip out when you need.

Make a difference in your dog's bowl too! There are too many obscure ingredients in commercial pet food and it's so easy to overfeed our dogs. According to a survey from the Australian Veterinary Association, 41 per cent of Australia's dogs and 32 per cent of cats were overweight or obese in 2013. While we know it can be hard to resist those begging puppy eyes, obesity leads to diseases and a shorter lifespan. 

If you don't have time to be your dog's own personal chef, Doggy Grub is here to help with portion controlled meals, ready to serve. You can even forget mad rushes to the supermarket as we deliver it straight to your door.

  • Don't forget mental stimulation

Picking up a new hobby will help keep your brain young! Why not make it a special bonding time with your dog? Obedience training and learning tricks are great for both puppies and older dogs. The internet has endless free online resources for teaching tricks or even making DIY puzzle feeders to keep your dog's mind occupied! But don't forget dog sports such as agility, disc, dock jumping and flyball! 

We hope you can be inspired to make 2018 a fun and healthy year!


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