Top 5 movies to watch with your dog!

Apr 12, 2020

Is this whole social-distancing situation getting you down?

Why not make the most of it with a cosy day in with your fur friend! Get your favourite snacks ready, a warm blanker handy and our list of top 5 movies you and your dog can both enjoy watching!

No-one will fight you for the remote but you may have to give belly scratches for the duration of the movie ;)


Benji Movie     

1. Benji

A remake from the '70s classic. Great family movie, soulful and beautiful.

Summary: A determined dog comes to the rescue and  helps heal a broken family when a young boy and his sister stumble into some serious danger.    

Available on Netfix


 2. A dog's purpose

A feel good, sweet dog movie!

Summary: A dog goes through four lifetimes with different owners through various time periods. During this journey, he steadily understands his real purpose.

Available on Neflix


                       It's Bruno tv series

3. Hotel for pets

Comedy/family movie

Summary: Two siblings who are forbidden to bring animals home secretly take in stray dogs at an abandoned hotel. 

Available on Netflix

4. It's Bruno!

A comedy/drama series, off-beat and funny, that we would recommend to anyone!

Summary: This short-form series follows a man and his beloved dog, Bruno, as they stroll through the streets of Buswick, Brooklyn.

Available on Netflix


Homeward Bound movie- Doggy grub blog

5. Homeward Bound

Probably the most heart-warming movie of our top 5.

Summary: Three pets are left behind while their owners go on a holiday. Thinking they have been abandoned, the pets embark on a journey to California to be reunited with them.


What are your favourite dog movies? Let us know in the comments!


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