Walking your dog in the Winter

Jun 29, 2019

Australia doesn’t get as cold as other parts of the world, but it can still be challenging to walk your dog in winter, what with the temperature dropping, rain and shorter days.

Read on if you want some helpful tips to keep your dog’s routine this winter!

Pug wearing a jumper with night city lights- Staying safe on winter walks Doggy Grub Blog

Stay safe!

With the days getting shorter, you want to make sure you and your dog stay safe while on walks.

If possible, try to go on walks during daylight. Otherwise, make sure to stay on a footpath or in fenced dog parks. The use of reflective gear or LED collars is highly recommended. Doglite makes great water-resistant LED collars in lots of different colours!

Alternatively, you can also carry a flashlight. Very helpful when trying to pick up a #2 in the dark 😉

Limit the amount of time spent outdoors.

Small breeds or dogs with short coats are more susceptible to cold temperatures than others. The same goes for dogs with chronic lung problems or lower immune system. Limiting your time spent outdoors when very cold will prevent risk of hypothermia.

Keep an eye on signs from your dog. If your dog is slowing down, stopping, looking for a place to burrow or shivering, it’s time to go home and get creative with indoor activities.

Walking your dog in the winter- Doggy Grub Blog

Increase time between baths

Have you noticed how in the wintertime; we tend to hydrate our skin much more? The skin needs to stay moisturised against the cold air to protect it from cracking or drying.

Resist the urge to bath your dog as it risks stripping away their natural moisturising layer. It is also a good idea to switch to a more moisturising shampoo for the winter.

Adjust Daily Calories for Changes in Activity

Some dogs are not very keen on getting outdoors in the winter.

When a dog’s activity level changes (for example lower in the winter), adjustments in the diet need to be made to ensure your dog is still getting all the nutrients required without packing on the pounds. On the contrary, if your dog is very active during the winter (huskies) make sure to provide a richer diet.

two dogs with coats on- Walking your dog in the winter Doggy Grub Blog

Does my dog need a jumper or coat?

Is there anything cuter than a dog wearing a jumper?

While most dogs are naturally equipped with their own natural “fur” clothing, some breeds have lighter layers and might require a jumper or a coat in the winter.

A sweater can certainly make a difference in a dog’s temperature, whether inside or outside, and improve their wellbeing. Make sure you pick the right sizing for your dog so it's not restrictive and still comfortable.


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