Why do dogs eat poop?

Jun 1, 2019

Let’s get real peeps! Our dogs are the cutest things ON THE PLANET but you’ve got to admit, they can indulge in some pretty shameful behaviours, like drinking from the toilet bowl or eating poop (yuck!).

I first encountered this questionable behaviour when I was a teenager, on baby sitting duties. I had just changed the baby and put the dirty nappy aside for a minute. When I turned around to take it to the bin, its content had vanished and the dog was looking up at me with a very satisfying face. It only took a minute for him to go to town on this “freshly baked” treat. I was horrified...and disgusted. And if this story didn’t make you grimace a little bit too, then poo are you? 😉

I quickly thought: why on earth do dogs eat poop? Is it dangerous? Would they eat their own too? Should I tell the owner or try to erase this stinky memory from my mind? (clearly that didn’t work as I’m still here telling the tale).

Dog's disgusting behaviours- Why is my dog eating poop? Doggy Grub Blog

Why do dogs eat poop?

The scientific term is called coprophagia and it refers to the act of eating poop whether their own or others (cats, birds etc).

Coprophagia is common in pups until the age of 9months. Or in mums, cleaning up after their pups. It is a way of exploring and teaching. It is harmless, although it can lead to problems if there are parasites or toxins in the faeces consumed.

The reason for dogs eating poo can be medical or behavioural. If your dog has started indulging in this behaviour, you will first want to rule out any health problems with your vet, such as:

  • Malabsorption or insufficiency. Is your dog getting enough nutrients?
  • Diabetes, Cushing’s disease or other conditions that might alter your dog’s appetite.
  • Drug related (if your dog is on steroids for example)

Behavioural triggers

If there are no physiological reason for your dog engaging in coprophagia, then it could be:

  • Boredom & Isolation
  • Anxiety: some stress triggers result in dogs eating their own stools.
  • Confinement: spending too much time in a confined space, kennel or shelter.
  • It’s just yummy! In fact one of the most common reason for dogs eating poo. Don’t forget that dogs and humans have a very different opinion of what’s tasty.

 How to stop my dog from eating poop? Doggy Grub Blog

How do I stop my dog from eating poo?

Here are a few tips and tricks you can implement to stop your dog from eating poo.

  • Switch your dog to another diet. Make sure to feed a healthy and balanced diet to keep your dog's guts healthy!
  • Add enzymes and probiotics supplements to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Use an off the shelf deterrent or DIY one that will make the poo taste bad and your dog not want to eat it.
  • Make sure to keep your backyard clean and pick up after your dog on a regular basis.
  • Supervise your dog when outdoors and especially at “poop time”. Most dogs pass stools after a meal so make sure to keep an eye on your dog at that time.
  • Train to leave with the command “leave it”, praise and reward with treats when your dog leave the poop alone, whether on a walk or at home.

Now, don't be ashamed, and leave us a comment if your dog has ever eaten their poo?


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