Why is my dog doing zoomies?

Mar 3, 2021

Are you familiar with zoomie o’clock? You know that time of the day when your pup becomes frantic and starts running around the house at full speed, unaware of their surroundings?

Today, we investigate this completely normal, but admittedly hilarious behaviour, and discover what are zoomies and why do dogs get them?

What are zoomies?

“Getting the zoomies” sounds like a symptom from being on too many zoom calls.

Although a topical subject, zoomies have nothing to do with web conferencing, and instead describe a common animal behaviour.

The scientific name for zoomies is frenetic random activity periods (FRAPS).

Dogs with the zoomies will run laps in wide circles or spins. They can also break into a sudden run, an excited look in their eyes, and take a series of sharp turns with sudden changes in direction.

Zoomies allow your dog to relieve stress and pent-up energy, helping them to handle excitement.

It’s a pretty fun show to watch!

When do zoomies happen?

Zoomies usually happen in the evening, when you’re trying to relax after a long day, a glass of vino in hand (our advice: quickly put the glass away!).

Dogs also tend to perform zoomies after a bath, zipping from room to room or rolling in the grass. Whether they’re trying to dry themselves or celebrating the fact that the torture of bathing is over, one thing is sure, they are releasing stored up energy.

Zoomies also happen during playtime, when excitement is hard to contain, and your dog is in a playful mood.

Are zoomies normal?

Zoomies are a normal behaviour, especially for puppies and younger dogs although any dog can get the zoomies.

Occasional zoomies are perfecty healthy. 

If your dog gets the zoomies often, they might be needing some more mental & physical activities. Try adding a few stimulating games to their daily routine, such as “treat treasure hunt” or games of tug-of-war.

Are zoomies dangerous?

Zoomies are completely safe, as long as they are in a controlled environment: away from a busy road, sharp or fragile objects.

A case of the zoomies will usually last just a few minutes if not less. Although they can extend up to 10min (brace yourself and hide the china!).

While zoomies don’t last long, they can leave a trail of destruction behind them, especially if they happen indoors.

It is almost impossible to stop a dog during zoomies but if you want to prevent injuries, or save nana’s vase, you can try and redirect the zoomies by throwing a toy or running away from your dog, towards a safer spot. 

Does your dog get the zoomies? Can you tell when they’re about to begin?


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