Your dog's New Year resolutions

Jan 5, 2019

The clock’s ticked over. It’s now 2019. Woof-woof. Happy New Year everypawdy! It’s time to make some New Year resolutions. Yup this year, us dogs are making them too.

So step aside humans and make way for these resolutions.

I will try to not dig up the garden this year.

I love making a mess. Fact. As equally as I love digging up the garden in hope I find a bone. But I know it annoys you, master, so I’ll try and keep the digging to a minimum. I can’t promise the occasional urge to have a little scratch of the dirt though… But no holes. You have my word.

I’ll try and be super healthy… by eating Doggy Grub! 

Crumbs. Pasta the baby dropped. Spilt muesli. You know I love to sniff around and eat all the scraps off the ground! I am aware it’s not good for the old waistline though, so the plan is to switch to Doggy Grub. I’ve heard it’s fresh and made with only the best ingredients. Packed full of veggies, fruit, high quality meat and nutrients. And it’s delivered to our door. Which brings me to my next resolution…

I will not bark every time I hear the doorbell.

The doorbell rings. I bark. Simples. I know it’s annoying but I’m just trying to protect you. And I’m not a fan of strangers - especially so close to the front door. But for your sanity, I’ll try and keep a lid on it this year and not go barking mad every time the doorbell rings.

I’ll try to not chew up your shoes/socks/parcels.

Please don’t leave things around that look tasty. Like those leather shoes… Do you know how good leather is to chew? And the feeling you get from ripping open a parcel that the postman delivers? Sooooo good! But I know it annoys you so… no more chewing up your prized possessions. Promise.

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